This little experiment is more for fun than anything, but if I’m going to promote to you my SEO consulting services, it would make sense that I can demonstrate that I can actually rank for a competitive keyword term – in this case “Vancouver SEO Consultant“.

There’s definitely a lot of “Google dancing” going on and now that search results are being influenced by Google+ / Google Buzz and a myriad of other factors (being logged into gmail, what browser, web history, whether the person searching is in your G+ circles, etc etc etc) – but it is interesting that my site is bouncing around anywhere from #1 to #8 in the search results.   Right now, while logged into Gmail – I’m ranked #1.  If I log out, I’m #2.  Depending on the browser or what IP, I can be around #8.   So at the end of the day, rankings can and will vary dependant on a heck of a lot of different factors – fun stuff…

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