This was posted up on Mashable – interesting article and could this be an indicator the Bing *might* be starting to trend upwards?   Either way, Google is going to remain the defacto standard in everyone’s minds for a long time – I don’t think you’ll be hearing the term “why don’t you go and Bing it?” – doesn’t have the same cache as Google it!  Or may be it does… ?

via Mashable.

The tussle for U.S. search dominance over the last few years has been interesting. Google has eaten Yahoo’s lunch for the better part of a decade, but Microsoft’s Bing engine, released in 2009, has crept steadily upward. While it serves nowhere near the volume Google does, it’s interesting to see their parallel trajectories while competitors trend downward.

Our friends at Statista have compiled search data from 2008 to the present, and tell the story of search query explosion and yearly trends. Is it possible Google could be overtaken in the foreseeable future? Or is its dominance immutable for now?