Vancouver SEO Consultant Ranking Update

This little experiment is more for fun than anything, but if I’m going to promote to you my SEO consulting services, it would make sense that I can demonstrate that I can actually rank for a competitive keyword term – in this case “Vancouver SEO Consultant“.

There’s definitely a lot of “Google dancing” going on and now that search results are being influenced by Google+ / Google Buzz and a myriad of other factors (being logged into gmail, what browser, web history, whether the person searching is in your G+ circles, etc etc etc) – but it is interesting that my site is bouncing around anywhere from #1 to #8 in the search results.   Right now, while logged into Gmail – I’m ranked #1.  If I log out, I’m #2.  Depending on the browser or what IP, I can be around #8.   So at the end of the day, rankings can and will vary dependant on a heck of a lot of different factors – fun stuff…

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    Vancouver SEO Consultant

    Welcome to my SEO & SEM Consulting site!

    After many years of providing SEO consulting to clients and friends in Vancouver, it became necessary to create an actual website to describe what it is that I actually do when I stay up all hours of the night.

    Things in the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing landscape are constantly changing and I’ve spent the better part of 6 years learning and implementing various techniques and strategies for my own product promotions as well as assisting various friends’ businesses with their brand identity and search footprint.   Next thing I knew, referrals were coming in, and I had no where to send new potential clients to learn about what services I can provide.  Things like Google Places or Local Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Paid Advertising, are all things I actively engage in on a daily basis.

    It’s literally like the wild west out there with the advent of Facebook advertising and Mobile marketing.  The stats for Mobile Marketing and the potential within Facebook or Social Media Marketing is absolutely staggering.  The puzzling thing I found was most people don’t even know what all of this stuff is and how it can impact or influence their business or brand.  Now is the time to figure all that out, and as a professional SEO, SEM and Mobile Markeing consultant, I am here to help.

    Take a {browse~peek} around my site and you’ll see I have a diverse range of skills and services and can advise on almost any part of your online marketing and branding needs.  Feel free to contact me via the contact page for a consultation – I look forward to speaking with you soon!


    Possibly Related Blogs