Mandy asks…

Is having an auction on my site a good idea?

I’m making a site for my business and I thought it would be fun if I had an auction going on. Is it a good idea? Have people done it before? Any tips?

SEO Consultant answers:

If your business is in trading line, like selling some products, then yes , it is 100% idea. I have done few actually, and now i closed my physical trading address , saving the rent and just using the auction site. See how huge the difference is. But also do not rely on auction itself. Some peoples can’t wait , so they just want to buy the products, so have shopping cards too.
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Donna asks…

How can I advertise my book more?

I just published my first book online, on Amazon and i’m looking for any suggestions to better advertise it. Thanks!
1. Deception Summer by Fallon Madden (Kindle Edition – May 5, 2012)

SEO Consultant answers:

Hi, I have some tips to advertise your first book online:-

1. Create a separate web site for your book
2. Distribute sample chapters
3. Build your web site address into your book
4. Encourage reader comments and questions
5. Include testimonials and reader reviews
6. Offer media resources
7. Offer products and services based on your book
8. Use premium content to obtain reader e-mail addresses
9. Publish an e-mail newsletter
10. Promote your book’s URL in your e-mail signature

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Maria asks…

What is the best way to get more traffic to your blog?

Without blogobo

SEO Consultant answers:


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines.Higher the rank in search engines Higher will be the number of visitors to your blog.Well this is a article for newbie,if you are a Good SEO analyst then stop reading this article

These will help you in building your traffic drastically
Create a Fan Page on facebook.
Create a Page on Twitter.
Share your articles on Google+.This is the new SEO strategy.As Google+ is Google Property you will be indexed in search engine soon.
This is the key factor for your success as a blogger.Get started with some auto submission backlinks.Then start commenting on the pages with high PR(Page Rank).
If you dont have good and unique content then the above listings are of no use.
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Sandra asks…

Tips to Increase Call Center Sales?

I work for a call center in Oklahoma and we have been really sluggish in sales all year. We are an inbound call center, and are thinking of putting on a sales blitz, but our workforce seems to be burnt out on sales pushes. Any ideas or anything that has worked in the past for people would be greatly appreciated.

SEO Consultant answers:

For raise a business you must need door to door marketing and Online marketing. Today’s world Online marketing is very essential. You 50% sale you may be offered by online. I can Give you some suggestion about Online marketing.

1. You must need a quality website and need best SEO for your website. Your website must need 1st position in Google, yahoo, bing for some keywords like “Call centre Oklahoma” , “Online Call centre Oklahoma” or any which searching most by people. Please, Read this article why SEO in essential for a business ?

2. You will need regular million email marketing in targeting persons.

3. Need good impression in Social media’s like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Paul asks…

I’m creating a tech website, and I need some advice.?

I want the blog to look professional, and informative. What do people want to read, how can I bring it up the ladder?

Any feedback is appreciated.

SEO Consultant answers:

I have seen your website. You have to do a lot of things.

* You must not place your ads like that. In between posts, you can place text ads which blend to the theme of your site.
* You must classify your posts into different sections.
* You must add Read More widget into your blog.
* You must add some attractive widgets.
* The blog needs an attractive design and a good theme.
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