Joseph asks…

i cant get my website on to google/ other search engines?

i have google analgesics and google webmaster tools, i made my site on rapid weaver and have used Rage site map automator to make site maps and have submitted to google webmaster tools and bing and have submitted site to google … but its not showing up anywhere!

my website is

i have tried entering [] into google but again it doesnt show up,


Tavis Yeung answers:

Start with downloading a submission button from (under the tools tab from their website). With just one click you get to submit your content to about 24 networking sites.

I also recommend downloading a status bar from to keep track of your website SEO easily. Make sure you download it as statusbar and not as toolbar.

I also use article marketing for SEO. With a unique piece of technology I get to submit my articles to over 200 article directories. This creates lots of backlinks, which help SEO further. You get to rank on the first pages of google easily doing that, thus getting more targeted visitors to your website.

Maria asks…

How can I embed a bing search bar?

I need to embed a bing search bar into a website for a class I am in. I just want it to be when you type in what you are looking for it searches the web (NOT my site). Does anyone know where I can find the code for that or do they have it?

Tavis Yeung answers:

Check their API or Webmster tools. I’m sure there’s a search widget they offer:

Laura asks…

Why does my website not come up in Yahoo and bing results?

My website is indexed in but Its not coming up at Yahoo and Bing??? I have submitted my site in bing webmaster tools but still not found in yahoo and bing.
plz give good suggestions…

Tavis Yeung answers:

Since Yahoo! And Bing are big search engines, it will take time for your site to be indexed. Also, make sure you have your site on ‘guests can view’ mode. The bots from Y! And Bing will then appear on your site, index all the available content, and put it up.

Helen asks…

How i get my links count in Google?

I am new in SEO. I hope some one can answer me for this problem. I made lots of directory listing for my site and i get links from high page rank but non of them count to my site in Google. So what should i do to make my back links count in search engines? What is bing and how it can help my index?

Tavis Yeung answers:

It can take months to get your backlinks from directory listings. Bing is a search engine by Microsoft. It has similar webmaster tools as Google.

You can get free high quality backlinks from bookmark sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon and delicious. You could also try socialmonkee, which has a free version that gives you 25 backlinks (daily) that are quickly indexed. Not very high quality, but still better than nothing.

David asks…

How to submit blog to Yahoo and Bing?

I have blogger platform blog (i have my own domain name), i submited my blog to Yahoo explore and Bing webmaster but they’re not index my blog. If i search my blog using Yahoo or Bing few post appear in search result. So why is that?

Tavis Yeung answers:

I think you have to submit sitemap in yahoo and Bing webmaster tool.

Donna asks…

What is the best way to drive traffic to your website?

I have a company website and we’d like to increase our visibility on google. I know the basics on heightening web traffic but I am wondering if their are any specific recommendations or suggestions I could use to get our site higher up on a websearch.

Tavis Yeung answers:

Register your website with google via google webmaster tools. Do the same for Bing, and Yahoo. Yahoo also has a webmaster section to register on. Build a sitemap and register your sitemap to all the search engines. Post/update frequently and gain backlinks. Word your files and articles to contain your keywords you are trying to target. Google images is also very powerful so alot of pictures and dont forget the TITLE and ALT fields in the html code, this is what google reads to tell what the picture is about.

Lizzie asks…

How long does it take for organic traffic to start hitting your site?

My site has been out for close to two months now. Does it take a long time to start seeing major organic searches?

Tavis Yeung answers:

Fist of all, 2 months is not really much time for a site to be online and to start getting any kind of organic traffic, you should be thinking in the 3, 4, 5 -month ballpark before it starts kicking in. Google will probable take longer– Yahoo and Bing, somewhat less.

As far as getting “major organic searches”, it’s going to take more than just time for that to happen. Here at Metapilot, we often get asked this question by new site owners. Besides time, you need to be investing resources into your site’s content, optimization, back links and analytics in order for the site to start paying you back with traffic.

In order to make sure things are on the right track at this point, here are a few things you look at:

First, do the following search in Google, Yahoo, and Bing: (replace with your domain name without the www).

Notice if all of the pages you’ve created on your site are listed in the results of each of those searches. If not, ensure that your site is not all in flash, that your navigation is not in flash or JavaScript, that your default page is not completely in Flash, and work on getting some decent links to your site.

Do each of the pages that show up in the search contain unique snippets (the snippet is the link and the description that is listed for each page)? If not, edit each of your pages’ html to include a unique title tag and meta description tag that is relevant specifically to it’s specific page.

Does the URL (web page address) that shows up for each listing in the search include the www or not? If not, you may have canonicalization issues to address. Go to Google webmaster tools and select your preferred domain, make sure that links to your homepage from within your site all point to your preferred domain, make sure that your designer used your preferred domain when linking to your site from their portfolio, and verify that any directory or other links you’ve been building are also pointing to your preferred domain.

Make sure that you’ve submitted your site through each of the search engine’s local/maps interfaces and that you’ve submitted it to the Yellow Pages, Citysearch,,, and

After doing all of that, focus on keyword research, building content pages focused around your keyword research, and on link building.

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