Mark asks…

How frequently am I suppose to ping my blog?

How frequently should I submit my blog and blog posts to pinging services? Also, do I need to submit the url of each of my posts to the search engines? I am really not sure when the new content on my blog starts to show up on search results. Any suggestions for ranking better in the search engine results apart from hi-tech SEO tweaking?

Tavis answers:

Nearly every post or a couple of posts would be great.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

Sharon asks…

What is the greatest obstacle to finding an internet marketing mentor?

One of the things that the majority of folks most often misunderstand about finding an internet mentor to help them out is they tend to think they have to pay enormous sums of money for a consultant, a coaching program or some other such thing…do you find this to be the case?

Tavis answers:

There are really two sides to this coin with a variety of hungry vultures hanging out on each.

Ever hear the old adage that you get what you pay for? To a certain extent it’s true. However, you will indeed find many sites that offer free advice. The problem is, unless your a smart Internet Marketer your not going to know the good advice from the bad. What’s worse, since you are needing the advice it’s likely that you have not gained all the wisdom you are looking for yet. This ends up being a vicious circle with no real end.

That’s why SEO & Beyond provides a free website analysis for anyone who asks (at least they do as of this writing). They believe that doing so goes beyond advice into actively participating in the lives of those who are looking to use their service.

You can check out more about that at the following link.
I was quite pleased with the review they gave my website.

If you are going to have someone train you to be a successful Internet Marketer, then find someone willing to give you some type of guarantee.

“If our system doesn’t work for you, then you don’t pay a dime!”

It’s a gutsy approach to be sure. But it goes beyond the idea of pay us all your money and you will be a success approach. With this method you don’t know if you are being sucker punched or not and all you have to show for it in the end will be absolutely nothing.

I do know that there are indeed many people out there willing to provide a ton of advice if you pay them. I don’t know if anyone has the guts to work by the above approach. If I did I would probably sign up for their course in a second. When paying for a mentor or what not the heavy burden for success should be on the shoulders of the one providing the assistance rather than the one paying the bill.

Pay for a mentor if and only if the mentor believes in their services enough to give you an awesome guarantee otherwise stick with the free advice; or better yet free website reviews.

Joseph asks…

Can you suggest a modern WordPress business theme for SEO consultant?

I’m looking for a WordPress theme that has the following features on the homepage:
1. Contact details in header.
2. A video and an area for an opt-in or call-to-action in the slider area below the header.
3. Four feature columns above the fold to feature services.
4. Portfolio slider above the footer, displaying several images at a time.
Thanks 🙂

Tavis answers:

Do a search for “business WordPress themes”. Three specific themes that come to mind are:


Maria asks…

What is the best way for an Insurance Agent to become visible online and generate more leads?

I am an Insurance Agent and I am constantly looking for easy ways to promote myself online. My most recent concern is generating leads. How can this be done quickly and effectively?

Tavis answers:

It comes down to 2 things basically? Do you have money or time? If oyu have time then here are some great suggestions to help you.

You can try to create a Facebook fanpage which is free. Get people to join your fan page on Facebook & Twitter. Send weekly or monthly reports, articles, newsletter or tips to your followers & fans.

Example. “This week here are 5 tips (e-mail/articles/report) how to avoid being scam by Insurance agent when buying a homeowner policy. ”

Next Week, “Do you know what is the difference between comprehensive,collision & liability coverage means on your auto insurance? ”

Following week, “How to buy the right life insurance for you & your family.”

These might seem like general knowledge to you, but there are many people that would really appreciate you sharing this information.

Doing this will position yourself as the expert when it comes to insurance. In addition, this helps to build trust & credibility. Having fans & followers could easily means tons of referrals once people start to call you & ask questions. Lots of potential to drive online prospect & convert to customers.

If you do not have time then you could consider hiring a SEO company that specialize din lead generation or result driven SEO services. Many if not all SEO consultants will take your money while sitting on their chair comfortably & scare you by making simple things sounds complicated.
Therefore, you need to pay even more money for them to help you. Hire SEO company that can help you rank your web page on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

David asks…

What are the most cost effective ways to advertise my business online?

No Adwords
No Adcenter
No Overture.
Does anyone know?


Tavis answers:

Go to or you can google free press releases and use these sources to build your impressions on search engines. If you have a website! You can exchange links with other businesses that offer products or services that differ from yours, but hide them on a page linked through a site map.

Now, these are a few free-ways you can use to enhance your sites popularity with search engines, but the best way is to consult with a SEO (Search engine optimization) consultant. $$$

I’m using Adwords right now and it SUCKS! I’ve received 18 clicks in the last month and a half…….

Charles asks…

How can I start an online business?

I want to start a website business selling cookies and sweets. How would I do that?

Tavis answers:

I’ve been creating and marketing large ecommerce sites for people for 10+ years (I am part of Web Retail Group – ), I hope I can give you some good ‘starter’ advice and answer your specific questions:

1. Yes, make your own site at your own domain name. This has many benefits: build up your site with your Internet Marketing efforts, not someone else’s site that you have a page on.

A) Register your domain at – they’re cheap and the best in the biz. (w/ good customer service most of the time)

b) Get an ecommerce consultant with real experience to help you build your site–let them help you choose technologies, etc; and let them advise you on design/usability issues on the site. If you want to do it your self first to get a feel for it–the GoDaddy website tonight service is cheap so you can try it without losing too much money…but ultimately you’re have a more professional standards-based if you hire a professional ecommerce consultant.

2. Internet Marketing methods with the best ROI:

a) Mailing List – ask visitors to join your mailing list; put those who buy from you on your mailing list; use facebook to build your mailing list; tell people you’ll offer them discounts for joining your mailing list.

B) Search Engines – Post your new site to,,, – find a good category they click the ‘add your url’ link at the top of the page to add it
Google –…
Yahoo –…
Bing –…

c) Social Networking – use Facebook and others like linkedin and twitter, digg, etc. To build lists of friends for your business website and link to your site. Keep at it, and keep updating.

D) SEO – Search Engine Optimization
i) Keyword Research – Use this tool to determine great keywords for your products that are actually being searched for online,
ii) On-site Optimization – then put those ‘good keywords’ in your website content, and in your TITLE tags on your pages, and in some of your in-site links to your pages.
Iii) Link Building – the most time-consuming part – get other sites to link to yours–many ideas on this…too many to list here!
Then wait…over the next 60+ days you should see an increase in your website traffic for them.

E) List your products on shopping comparison engines (CSEs), here’s a good list of them: – some are free, others require payment to advertise. At least do the free ones!

3. Take your time and don’t spend too much money on PPC / CPC marketing online. (maybe spend NO money on this if the above works out for you!)

i hope this helps you get started…

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