Just returned from San Diego CA where I was fortunate enough to rub shoulders and pick the brains of some of the absolute brightest minds in the online marketing and application development industry.  Presenters included notable IM heavy-weights such as Christian Weselak, Ed Dale, Gauher Chaudry, Amish Shah, Mike Koenigs, Trey Smith, Chad Mureta, Josh Bartlett, Andy Jenkins and THE Frank Kern (Just to name a few).    Bob Proctor and David Asharaf from “The Secret” also spoke and both of their presentations were unbelievable.

In any case, what does this have to do with SEO and SEM?   Well, everything…  The amount of knowledge gained at these conferences is absolutely amazing as well as the networking of “brain power” that goes on – as one of several Vancouver SEO consultants that was in attendance, I had the opportunity to network and brainstorm with some brilliant people – each of us are always striving to stay on top of “all things SEO” in every possible way; and every,  single,  day…  Needless to say I learned a few tricks and have added even more knowledge to my ever-expanding arsenal of Search Engine Optimization tools and techniques.   Feel free to subscribe to my “Smartest Guy on The Net Monthly Newsletter” at the very the top page (“subscribe via email” to the left of RSS, Twitter, & Facebook badges) where I’ll share with you some of the “tricks of the trade” and how Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing using Social Media and Mobile Marketing can help grow your online presence and business.

Here’s a few pictures of myself and some of the heavy hitters down in San Diego:

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