It’s definitely interesting when you REALLY start looking at your webstats / site analytics.  There’s so much valuable data that analytics saves it’s a shame that most webmasters or companies don’t pay any attention whatsoever to what their visitors are actually doing on their site – or how they got their in the first place for that matter.

On the same note – the data is also meaningful when you see what your competition is trying to do in order to “reverse engineer” what you’re doing.  It’s actually quite funny that people are still trying to outrank me for certain terms when they don’t seem to realize that those terms aren’t even being searched by the public at large – and really only being searched by SEO guys like us just for the sake of seeing what ranks!  I’m going to revive one of my experiments I did on one of my other sites I conducted back in 2009.  I tried to rank for a certain keyword phrase with a mastermind group I was running and wanted to demonstrate to them how you could rank very quickly – sometimes hours depending on how competitive the keyword was.  Well, fast forward 3 years and it appears other SEO’s have decided to throw down the gauntlet.  Let’s see if I can outrank my OTHER page for that keyword using this site and I’ll post the results later.  Stay tuned!