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Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to marketing“, search engine marketing, or desktop advertising.

 Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how

Search engine marketing
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the and developing online marketing strategies for businesses,


Search Engine Strategies
Search Engine Strategies (SES) is a conference series focused on search engine marketing and search engine optimization These events

Best Internet Marketing Strategy Using Local Business SearchBest Internet Marketing Strategy Using Local Business Search Your business needs an affordable local search internet marketing strategy. LocalAdLink has your solution. For a free How It Works video visit http


How to build an effective content marketing strategy with Lee Odden at SES San FranciscoHow to build an effective content marketing strategy with Lee Odden at SES San Francisco
Jamie O’Donnell, SEO-PR, interviews Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing, on the subject of content marketing at SES San Francisco 2010. Marketers typically try to capture content based on demand, according to Lee. But in using a content marketing strategy, marketers should be identifying buyer personas and analyzing the information consumption needs and preferences of consumers, and optimize for it. Lee describes it as putting the customer first rather than the behavior first. Lee says in order to create a content marketing strategy marketers must create an editorial plan, similar to a publisher, and know first how they are going to promote it once it is published. Then Lee describes the various search channels that marketers must integrate into their online content marketing strategy starting off with Google and YouTube. Then it’s a battle between the number of queries logged by Twitter and the various third party real-time applications such as TweetDeck, plus search engines, Yahoo and Bing. Lee then elaborates on the possible reasons why marketers have been late into the game when it comes to integrating the social media platform, YouTube, as part of their overall content marketing strategy. To implement an effective content marketing strategy, Lee says businesses must become familiar with the search results for their target keyword phrases and constantly monitor the search and social media landscape to see what is being featured about them and their products. For more


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Linda asks…

How do I search out different customers to pay different prices?

Tavis answers:

There are many different strategies for accomplishing this, but you should keep in mind that you need to show demonstrable respect and concern for both segments of your customers – you don’t want your customers willing/able to pay more feeling as though they are not being treated fairly any more than you want your customers unable to pay more feeling the same way.

Coupons/discounts – Offering your clients or certain community members discounts or coupons for your products is a simple way to make your products affordable to a subset of customers.

Sliding scale – Many nonprofits have incorporated a sliding scale based on income into their pricing strategy. When using this tactic, you have to take into account how much effort you can put into enforcing the sliding scale, since income is difficult to verify. One good example of this tactic is a tax-preparation clinic for low-income individuals which charges below-market prices on a sliding scale – in this case, verifying income is easy.

Periodic discounting – This is a traditional retail concept – think about the post-Christmas sales. In this case, price-sensitive customers will attend your sale (even though you are selling goods far in advance of the season when most customers think to buy: say, bathing suits in December), and customers who can afford it will wait until a more convenient time to shop.

Second market discounting – This is an increasingly common strategy for manufacturers who have excess capacity – think outlet stores. This is best done when there is some geographic distance between your store and the second market store – you don’t want your customers who are willing to pay more going to your second market store.

Sharon asks…

Will google have to rethink their adsense or search strategy with new search engine BING?

Bing comes to online on June 23,2009 fully and it successfully raised its market share.According to User Experience Research Firm with their statistics advertisers are moving towards Bing because the ad spots offered by this new search engine grab users attention towards them.

Tavis answers:

I dont think so..

Coz google is well established one.
And it changes its search strategy when ever required.

Till now no one found a good search engine like google…

Ok… Let us see in long term..

David asks…

How to get More Recognition on Youtube as a Rapper?

Now don’t treat this as every other similar question because my case is a little bit different. I have been told many times by many people that I have enough skill in rapping to become famous. I also have taken much initiative to promote myself, and even have a small team of promoters promoting me as well. My popularity has recently risen GREATLY but the growth is slowing down as I feel I have saturated the market in my area. Me and my team have posted several of my videos on facebook at least 30 times. I have started branching out to twitter, but that’s a work in progress. I have done everything from tags to video responses so all the little tricks and tips I know have been used. I also have resorted to spamming my video on other videos, but I feel the fact that I have talent makes up for the spamming. How do I take the next step and branch out to fans who do not know me personally? I feel like a rocket quickly rising but I need to take this next leap. Please only good advice I’m determined to make it big, and I have the tools to do so. If you wanna check out one of my songs for context, you can find it here:


Tavis answers:

Learn how to publicize yourself and understand what it takes to stand apart from the crowd.

Discover the options that exist in the advertising world for musicians, from consumer print advertising, Web banner ads, co-op advertising, keyword buys with the major Internet search engines and more.

Understand the major changes that have occurred in music retail and distribution, and learn about the various new and time-tested options you have to get your music heard!

Strategy & Process
In the world of music marketing, very little is left to chance. Learn how to formulate an effective plan for marketing that is tailored for your individual goals.

Merchandising is an essential element to any successful marketing plan. Find out what to make, when to make it, and how to optimize this important revenue stream.

Your live show provides the spark that will kick-start your sales and marketing machine –if you have a plan and stay on top of the fundamentals.

Fan Base
Understand what the pros do, when they do it, and how you can incorporate their years of expertise into your own project.

Create a plan for finding, developing, and maintaining your fan base.

The Internet can be a powerful ally to the independent musician if you take the time to understand how to use it correctly

Radio promotion and music marketing is very important for a singer – a renowned music marketing and radio promotion site.
Thanks ….

Daniel asks…

What do you think are the most effective marketing strategies for a small business just starting out?

Tavis answers:

There is actually no perfect formula for effective marketing strategy, regardless of the business size. However, I suggest that you need to be spontaneous about your marketing efforts. You should also learn the power of viral marketing— this perhaps, is the most effective and fastest way to market your business. In doing this, you could start marketing your business to your relatives and friends, and ask them a favor to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues. You should also be able to supply your marketing efforts with printed materials like business cards, leaflets, posters, etc. Also, having a website helps too. Try making a simple one and submit your url to search engines and directories. Goodluck!


Lisa asks…

If you predict the stock market will go down, where should you invest your money?

Gold doesn’t always reflect the opposite of the stock market.

Should you just put your money in a savings bond?
even the bond stocks got hit during the crash.

doing “put options” where you’re betting the stock goes down is too risky because there’s no upper limit to what you can lose.

Tavis answers:

This is an incredibly complex question that opens up a whole new can of worms, that most investors can’t possibly understand. Where you’re heading now requires much more knowledge and experience than the average investor possesses.

First, we don’t make “predictions” as investors/traders like they do on TV. That’s just TV drama. Nobody, not one person, can foretell the future price or direction of a stock or market. But I think we know what you mean. If you think price is going lower . . .

How to Invest in a Down Market

Where To Invest In a Down Market

“doing “put options”” limits your risk to the amount invested. You are confused about “no upper limit to what you can lose.” You are probably thinking of selling short. Use Investopedia to define financial terms:
Put Option Basics
Put Option Definition | Investopedia

Short Selling Definition | Investopedia

Short Sale Definition | Investopedia

Can you short sell ETFs?

Read more:

There are several ways to profit from a down market, including inverse ETF’s, shorting a stock, buying puts on stocks or index, or even selecting a proxy like a currency ETF, or shorting futures.

Technically, shorting the market or betting on it going down is no longer “investing.” You are entering the world of “trading.” This is as comprehensive, confrontational, and competitive as it gets; a different world that beats 90% of the people that try it. You’re no longer in Kansas, Todo.

Investing guru Warren Buffett stays within his circle of competency, and so should you. Trading and timing the market is absolutely not for investors. Investors better wait for good trends to develop.

That said, if you have been in cash, you will have enough fire power to get in at excellent prices. Just an opinion, but I think we are not at the end game stage yet and we will see one more upswing before everything starts to unravel. The intermediate term cycle does not bottom till Mid-July but very short term cycle is bottoming just about now. If you are going to enter the world of trading, you have to adhere to good trading strategies, and now is not the time to short anything. If you want to short something, or do something else exotic like buying puts, do that on a market rally.

While you may not be able to time the market, you can take advantage of a declining market by snapping up great stocks at discounted prices. Who doesn’t love a clearance sale? This year’s roller-coaster market has pushed many big-name stocks significantly off their 52-week highs.

Microsoft and Cisco Systems, for instance, are off their 52-week highs by around 25 percent. Yahoo! Is off its high by more than 30 percent, while AIG, Motorola and Sprint are off by more than 50 percent.

Susan asks…

How to achieve maximum billing & highest productivity as a Single Recruiter?

My firm specialises in executive search and recruitments for the middle and senior management positions. We’re planning to add a branch office at a new location. To begin with it will have a single recuiter and depending upon how business goes, we will add more. My question is what should a single recruiter do to achieve maximum billing? What should be the overall strategy? How should he position himself in the market? Should a single recruiter do more middle positions (as there are numbers) or should he do more senior positions? or should he do both? Should he specialise in a single domain and make all his database specific to that domain or industry? or should do he do fresh research for the positions that he receives from the client side? We work on a lot of senior positions in multiple domains. In such cases, profiles are not available in the database and most of the time, we have to do fresh research specifically catering to the need of that position. The billings are decent being senior positions, but it takes time to close, the process is slow. After client has selected his choice of candidate, we are left with a pipeline of senior candidates that goes waste and we’re unable to use them. My question is how can a single recruiter achieve maximum billing, increase productivity and be able to place the maximum out of his database and his research. Should he focus on single domain or multiple domain, middle or senior levels, how many number of clients should he handle at a time? Please share your experience, views and observations. Thanks You Ajay Kukreja Out-Of-Box Consulting

Tavis answers:

You need to build resources with as little effort as possible.

A lot of college graduates are already professionals upgrading their education (like me), and contacting instructors is a way of getting applicants in the door who already have some of the qualifications you need.

Instructors are not allowed to single out students, though, the only thing they can do is put out announcements to their classes.

Jenny asks…

How do I make an account on Pottermore?

Well I went on and I searched EVERYWHERE and I can’t find any link to make an account. Also, where is the Sorting Hat test? Thanks for answers! And NO HATERS!

Tavis answers:

“Pottermore is currently only available to those who are part of the Beta.”
-> you can’t register.

I have a beta account but it’s really crappy and useless. I am a big fan of the books and movies but that page seemed really unnecessary and for 8-year-olds. Not sure if that helps you but you really aren’t missing out on much. It’s just a marketing strategy: Make something rare and everyone will want it.

//EDIT: When you get an account and log in the sorting hat will sort you into one of the houses. The houses can gather points and “win” in a browsergame-like environment by brewing potions and stuff.

Helen asks…

How can i start learning about stocks/shares market?

I am a complete newbie. I want to start investing in shares/stocks.Can u guys suggest a good place to start like an online share account or any good books. something like ABCD of shares/stocks. And how much percentage of my income should I invest in shares. I am below 30 yrs so I am willing to take some risk.

Tavis answers:

Shares of stock is what you would buy and sell to make money. You do that through a stock broker. Or you can invest in mutual funds through a mutual fund family. You buy it at a price and sell it at a higher price or you sell short at price and buy it back at a lower price to be profitable. You need to position size through money management and not load the boat on one issue. And use stop losses for risk management. There is no guarantee you will make money.

You will have to develop your trade plan or system that tells you when to buy and when to sell. You can use company fundamentals or stock price technicals or a combination of both. Your broker should have some educational resources and stock scanning tools. Check those first and then sign up for free at and place topics in the search box to get the links to those free videos and podcasts for you to watch and listen.

You can open an account with an online discount stock broker and use their resources to educate yourself and scan for stock picks. First paper trade those picks on their virtual/paper trading account to get a hang of buying and selling and to see if your strategy is making you money consistently.

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Things in the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing landscape are constantly changing and I’ve spent the better part of 6 years learning and implementing various techniques and strategies for my own product promotions as well as assisting various friends’ businesses with their brand identity and search footprint.   Next thing I knew, referrals were coming in, and I had no where to send new potential clients to learn about what services I can provide.  Things like Google Places or Local Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Paid Advertising, are all things I actively engage in on a daily basis.

It’s literally like the wild west out there with the advent of Facebook advertising and Mobile marketing.  The stats for Mobile Marketing and the potential within Facebook or Social Media Marketing is absolutely staggering.  The puzzling thing I found was most people don’t even know what all of this stuff is and how it can impact or influence their business or brand.  Now is the time to figure all that out, and as a professional SEO, SEM and Mobile Markeing consultant, I am here to help.

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