SMX Advanced 2013 Was Great!

mattcuttsandmeJust a quick shout-out to all the people that I had the pleasure of chatting with down in Seattle a couple weeks ago!   Was a great conference and although there wasn’t a TON OF earth-shattering stuff that we don’t already know about and preach, the networking amongst peers is always worth the price of admission 😉

Also cool that I managed to wrangle down Matt Cutts from Google for a quick pic!  😉


Straight from the “Horse’s Mouth”

Straight from Matt Cutts about what to expect in the next few months regarding SEO and their updates.  Matt mentioned a bunch of this stuff down at SMX Advanced a few weeks ago – nothing beyond the obvious but always a fun thing to try and figure out how to stay ahead of the Big G 😉

Matt Cutts-What to Expect