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If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on with the SERPS, you’ve probably noticed the latest Hummingbird update nuked a whole bunch of EMD’s and PMD’s.  Also for most of the markets I’ve been following, the top 10 consist entirely of authority sites that obviously have a ton of “stickiness” – check out the following post.

Nathan’s Post on SearchEngineLand

Another relevant comment by Jeff Smith noted:
“Google patent search and search for “searcher satisfaction” and patents assigned to Google, you will find confirmation that this is an important metric. It’s also important to note that satisfaction seems directly tied to user loyalty, which would of course be critical to maintaining or growing market share.”

So in a nutshell, there’s many aspects to SEO that will be basically IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate or automate. True SEO really depends on providing the whole enchilada in terms of user experience and not just optimizing on-page factors or having backlinks.