Who is this guy?

Tavis Yeung SEO Consulting consists of myself along with a consortium of over 20 Search, Social Marketing & Technology Professionals.  When necessary, I can call upon and collaborate with this team in order to provide you with every aspect of your internet marketing campaign, but I will always be the “winged nut” that keeps it all focused and operating like a finely tuned machine.

I created this consortium because I understand that the primary challenge preventing many businesses from implementing successful marketing initiatives isn’t the service they’re getting – it’s often the number of sources they’re getting it from and the fact that they all don’t communicate very well.  Ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page throughout the development and execution of the web strategy is absolutely vital, and I work with you and/or your team to make sure the vision is unified – if you don’t already have a team,  I’ll help put it together.

I remove this barrier to success by being the single point of contact between all the people that are involved and accountable with executing your strategy – it could be just myself and your web designer, or your entire marketing division and outside PR firm.   The aim is to efficiently integrate your current workflow and business processes into an effective SEO, SEM and/or Mobile strategy.

Using SEO & marketing best practices and systems of procedure, I can ensure that every aspect of your internet marketing campaign goes smoothly – especially when there may be a need for your copywriter to work with an outside programmer, or when your existing web site graphic designer needs to modify your site based on my recommendations as your SEO professional – we all have to work in concert with each other.

My Experience

Along with my own 20+ years of experience in information technology,  my team has over 25 years of combined experience designing websites, web systems, internet marketing campaigns, and collateral for clients in a vast array of industries, including:  Corporate Real Estate, Computers and Technology, Special Events, Personal Fitness, Education, Publishing, Health and Medical Practices, Professional Services and more.

In addition to spending an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer screen for the past 20+ years, in 1994 I co-founded one of Vancouver’s premier graphic design and ad agencies – Irix Design Group.  I established a triathlon sportswear brand in 2006 as a result of being an Ironman Triathlon finisher (3 times), which then spawned numerous blogs in the triathlon space.  Combining all this experience and “online marketing education” has resulted in a very diverse, yet specialized skill-set in the digital landscape.


I am currently located in Vancouver, BC Canada.  However, my professional team is scattered across the world, with consultants in United Kingdom, Canada, across the United States, Australia, France, India, and even Thailand.  Regardless of where your business and customers are located, thanks to modern technology it’s almost as if we’re working together in the same office.

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